Tracking / Tracking Works

Recovery of his rights, thorny and very time-consuming.
With this in mind we take care of everything with different tools depending on the farm.
Recovery of media plans from broadcasters, if necessary.
Digital Tracking Tools for TV, research of media plans, information of live shows, internet broadcasting etc ...
For digital tracking, we work with several platforms.
Integration of your works on our tracking platform in less than 24 hours.
Collection of broadcast information in France and abroad according to your needs.
Establishment and sending of weekly reports, monthly or at the end of operation.
Setting up a watch and alert system according to your own criteria.

Instrumental or sung musical works lasting at least 10 seconds.

Television only. Other media (Radio & Internet): contact us.

Territories available: USA / France / Germany / United Kingdom / Italy / Netherlands / Spain / Denmark / Sweden / Norway / Finland / Austria / Switzerland / Belgium

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