Publishing Management

Management of Musical Editorial Rights

Deposits, recordings of works, signatures with rights, follow-up of works, recoveries of rights

For all your creations published or not, we realize for you:

-The declaration bulletins, assignment contracts, powers, contracts for the transfer of audiovisual adaptation rights and, where applicable, co-publishing contracts associated with them.
-We provide the signature circuit between all rights holders.
-We take care to gather all the necessary and useful parts for the protection and the good documentation of your works (audios, videos, cue-sheet or any proof of diffusion).
-We deposit your works for you at the ticket office of SACEM and return the validated archives with a copy of the stamped declaration to each.
-Control the state of your perceptions SACEM during the distributions.

For who?

Authors Composers, Label, Film Production, Publishers, Advertising Agency, Turners etc ... eager to save time and to fill often significant loss of profit.

Global or à la carte services, legal advice, structure creationpublishing, affiliation Sacem. Constant links with the deposit, distribution and audit services of Sacem.
Price list on request @Contact.
Mawagement is attached to Mawashi editions, publisher Sacem since 2009.
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